Grundfos CR5-29 A-FGJ-A-E-HQQE 3x400D 50HZ

Vertical, multistage centrifugal pump with suction and discharge ports on the same level (in-line) enabling installation in a horizontal one-pipe system. The pump head and base are in cast iron – all other wetted parts are in stainless steel. A cartridge shaft seal ensures high reliability, safe handling and easy service and access. Power transmission is via a split coupling. Pipework connection is via combined DIN-ANSI-JIS flanges.
The pump is fitted with a 3-phase, fan-cooled asynchronous motor.

Fits to

  • Drip / microspray
  • Frost protection
  • Irrigation systems with irrigation boom
  • Air condition
  • Fire protection
  • Heating systemsGrundfos CR5-29 A-FGJ-A-E-HQQE 3x400D 50HZ
  • Pressure increase
  • District cooling
  • District heating
  • Treatment of drinking water
  • Watering
  • Cooling
  • Desalination
  • Industrial heating
  • Machining
  • Industrial process water treatment
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Industrial water supply
  • Wastewater from industry
  • Solutions with solar panels
  • Overflatevannsinntak
  • Water distribution


    Pumped liquid: Water
    Liquid temperature range: -20 .. 120 °C
    Liquid temp: 20 °C
    Density: 998.2 kg/m³
    Speed for pump data: 2917 rpm
    Rated flow: 5.8 m³/h
    Rated head: 150 m
    Shaft seal: HQQE
    Approvals on nameplate: CE,TR
    Curve tolerance: ISO 9906:1999 Annex A
    Pump housing: Cast iron
    Pump housing: EN-JL1030
    Pump housing: ASTM A48-30 B
    Impeller: Stainless steel
    Impeller: DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301
    Impeller: AISI 304
    Maximum ambient temperature: 60 °C
    Max pressure at stated temp: 25 bar / 120 °C
    Max pressure at stated temp: 25 bar / -20 °C
    Flange standard: DIN
    Pipe connection: DN 25 / DN 32
    Pressure stage: PN 16 / PN 25
    Flange size for motor: FT130
    Electrical data:
    Motor type: 112MC
    IE Efficiency class: IE3
    Number of poles: 2
    Rated power – P2: 4 kW
    Power (P2) required by pump: 4 kW
    Power (P2) required by pump: 4 kW
    Mains frequency: 50 Hz
    Rated voltage: 3 x 380-415 D V
    Rated current: 7.9 A
    Starting current: 1000-1110 %
    Cos phi – power factor: 0,87-0,87
    Rated speed: 2920-2940 rpm
    Efficiency: IE3 88,1%
    Motor efficiency at full load: 88,1-88,1 %
    Motor efficiency at 3/4 load: 88,6-88,2 %
    Motor efficiency at 1/2 load: 85,2-88,1 %
    Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): 55 (Protect. water jets/dust)
    Insulation class (IEC 85): F
    Label: Grundfos Blueflux
    Minimum efficiency index, MEI ≥: 0.57
    Net weight: 65.9 kg
    Gross weight: 86.5 kg
    Shipping volume: 0.2 m3