Solenoid valves and coil

Solenoid valves and coil are most frequently used in the fluid, automation and process control industry. It is an improvement on the traditional mechanical driven valves. Its functions are to mix and release specified doses of fluid content to the system. Westtom powers has the capacity to supply the a tailor suited brand of solenoid valves and coils from DANFOSS, FESTO, BOSCH, ASCO JOCOUMATIC and maintain your exiting solenoid valves/ coils to required interna


Quick solenoid valve notes:

  • Only used for clean liquids and gases.
  • Indirect operated valves require a pressure differential to function.
  • Are used to close, open, dose, distribute, or mix the media with 2 or more inlets/outlets.
  • Fast acting.
  • Options for manual overrides, ATEX, gas approval, media separation and more.
  • Can get hot as it requires energy to switch and stay in that position (depending on type).
  • Common in heating systems, compressed air, vacuum, irrigation, car washes, etc.

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